The annual EU4Digital Steering Committee meeting, pre-meeting workshop and Digital Conference for the Eastern Partnership have once again provided a wealth of insights. With a showcase of initiatives driving digital transformation in the region, inspiration from one of the world’s most digital-forward nations, updates on Eastern partner countries' progress and priorities, plus exploration of challenges and opportunities, these events have taken into account the needs and perspectives of all our stakeholders to help our collaboration progress in the best possible way.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these events and our work towards resilient and sustainable digital government, economy and society in the Eastern Partnership!

Find out more about the key developments and discussions of these events and check out our new collection of short videos in this special edition of the EU4Digital newsletter.


Digital is now central: reflections from the EU4Digital Steering Committee

Digital has become central to everyday life in the Eastern Partnership, so a coordinated approach to strategic planning, policy and legislation alignment and investment are now crucial. This was the key message that emerged from the 5th annual meeting of the EU4Digital Steering Committee held online on 15 November 2023.

The human factor in digital transformation: Digital Conference 2023

Human-centred needs and benefits must stay in mind in digital transformation, agreed participants in the Digital Conference for the Eastern Partnership on 14 November 2023. Find out how stakeholders from Eastern partner countries and other speakers are leveraging digital technologies to empower societies and economies.

National-level acceleration of results: EU4Digital stakeholder workshop

To drive Phase II activities and accelerate their adoption at national level, EU4Digital hosted a workshop in Brussels on 18 October 2023, where key EU and Eastern partner country stakeholders reviewed results and gave feedback on the project.

New EU4Digital videos to view and share

Want to explain what EU4Digital does but can’t find the words, or want a simple summary you can share? We have created short videos that do the work for you. Just watch and enjoy! Or, even better, like this content on our (Twitter) EU4Digital X account and share it with your own network.
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