2023 has been a busy and significant year for EU4Digital and our partners in the Eastern Partnership. Despite the impact of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and other challenges in the region, great progress has been made in the digital transformation of Eastern partner countries. Assessing the progress of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia in these and other areas for the first time, the European Commission took a major step in early November, recommending changes to their relationship with the European Union through the EU accession process. We’re delighted by this development and excited to continue supporting our partners on this path!

Within EU4Digital, the topic of digital connectivity came to the fore in our recent annual Digital Conference and Steering Committee meeting, as highlighted in our previous newsletter. Our team in the Telecom rules thematic area have included an overview of their connectivity activities in this edition. We also have details of new ‘explainer’ content about their work and all our thematic areas, which you can explore in a new section of the website.

Read on for all that and much more, in our final newsletter of 2023. Happy holidays and see you next year!


EU accession: status changes recommended for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

In a historic step, on 8 November 2023, the European Commission recommended starting EU accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova, as well as candidate status for Georgia. The EC also adopted the 2023 Enlargement Package, which assessed these countries’ progress for the first time.


Milestone moment for DESI Accelerator

EU4Digital Facility marked a significant milestone in its activities to accelerate the ability of Eastern partner countries to gather data in line with EU best practices and incorporate more accurate digital performance-related data in their national strategies. A regional event on 24 November was an opportunity to close and reflect on phase one of the EU4Digital DESI Accelerator.

Digital connectivity: a transformative pathway

As ever more services go online, digital connectivity is increasingly crucial to everyday life. EU4Digital and partners have been collaborating since 2016 to promote and facilitate access to high-speed, secure and sustainable digital connectivity at affordable prices for citizens and businesses in the Eastern Partnership. Among the achievements is publication of a report on EU best practices in promoting competitive broadband, that Eastern partner countries may apply in their own broadband market monitoring and policy developments.

International Trade Facilitation Forum: digital for Ukraine Solidarity Lanes

The value of digital technologies in maintaining trade routes between Ukraine, Moldova and European Union countries was highlighted in the International Trade Facilitation Forum on 12 October 2023. EU4Digital joined high level guests in the event in Chisinau, with our eCustoms activity mentioned as a solution for trade facilitation within Solidarity Lanes.

New EU4Digital eCustoms activities expand Ukraine–Moldova–Romania trade potential

EU4Digital Facility kicked off new eCustoms pilot activities on 27 September 2023. The new pilots, between participating customs authorities of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania, build on previous successes. These pilots are part of a wider programme of EU4Digital eTrade activities to develop cross-border trade in the Eastern Partnership.

Supporting Moldova’s new cancer screening network

The Republic of Moldova’s National Colposcopy Network, launched on 2 November 2023, will enhance cervical cancer screening and prevention. Videoconferencing services provided by RENAM, the country’s research and education network in ‘EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Education Communities (EaPConnect)’ project helps the new system to run smoothly.


Explore our new ‘Explainers’!

Ever have questions about some of the details or background context of what we do and report upon in EU4Digital? The new ‘Explainers’ part of our website’s ‘Stay Informed’ section provides answers to various key questions under our six thematic areas.
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Discover other new ‘Library’ resources

Explore our website ‘Library’ – a handy place to find all EU4Digital publications in one place. Since September, we’ve added a couple of reports covering among other topics broadband, 5G security and eCommerce developments – as well as our brand-new thematic videos.
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