Welcome to the first EU4Digital newsletter of the year! 2024 has already seen great advancements for the digital landscape in the Eastern Partnership. EU4Digital is pleased to reveal a range of new reports and activities aimed to assist Eastern partner countries in progressing their Telecom Rules, eTrust and eSkills goals. We have also seen positive results from EU4Digital’s eCommerce activities, specifically for a forward-thinking entrepreneur from Georgia. Plus, we have exciting examples of how EU4Digital is advancing research, education and cultural heritage through digital solutions.

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Wine Diamond: eCommerce support for a Georgian entrepreneur

For entrepreneur Tamar Abuladze, learning about crystals that form in Georgia’s traditional wine vessels was the start of a quest to create a Georgian brand and bring it to the European market – with help from the EU4Digital eCommerce consultations centre.

New recommendations on Digital Economy and Society Index

The new report ‘EU4Digital Recommendations on implementing DESI indicators in the Eastern Partner countries’ was published in February. Aimed at representatives of data collection institutions, the report serves as a strategic blueprint for Eastern partner countries to take up the Digital Economy and Society Index, which tracks digital progress.

New data governance strategies activity for quality public data

To respond to a growing demand for high-quality and easily accessible public data in the Eastern Partnership region, EU4Digital started a new data governance strategies activity. As part of EU4Digital’s commitment to advance eTrust and cross-border digital services, this activity will define a framework and specific recommendations for each Eastern partner country’s national strategy for data governance.


New activity harmonising Moldova and EU telecommunications legislation

EU4Digital is working with local stakeholders from both public and private sectors in its new activity to help harmonise the Republic of Moldova’s electronic communications legislative framework with that of the European Union - an important task in assisting Moldova’s efforts towards EU accession.

Resilience and digital transformation: Ukrainian universities in times of war

Digital technologies that support research and education face wartime challenges in Ukraine. URAN Association - an EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Education Communities (EaPConnect) project partner - provides specialist services, including to Kherson Technical University. Their long collaboration has only grown stronger in the past two years, leading to new plans for growth.

Facilitating Armenia’s digitisation of cultural materials

In Armenia the digitisation of cultural materials such as books has been ongoing for around 20 years; now, thanks to collaboration within the EU4Digital’ Initiative’s EaPConnect project, the national research and education network ASNET-AM has gained exclusive rights to operate ‘dLibra’ in the country - a system that opens up a range of user-friendly possibilities for the preservation of cultural heritage.
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