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With this edition, we proudly announce that EU4Digital Facility has launched EU4Digital Academy, a digital learning programme bringing free and accessible digital skills training to the Eastern partner countries. And that the first of the free and accessible digital skills training courses this will bring to the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region is now open for participants in Ukraine. If you’re a Ukrainian citizen or entrepreneur interested in learning more about eCommerce, please sign up!

Another opportunity is available too, this one for organisations involved in innovation clusters or their development. As part of our brand-new framework of activities to support clusters of organisations that innovate together in Eastern partner countries, an online assessment is available that can help EaP clusters prepare for European quality recognition. The assessment is open until 23 May, so be quick!

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New EU4Digital Academy offers training for EaP citizens and enterprises

EU4Digital Facility has launched EU4Digital Academy, its digital learning programme for the Eastern partner countries. EU4Digital Academy provides user-friendly, web-based courses tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and citizens, starting with a course for Ukrainians. Courses tailored for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova are expected by June 2024.

Sign up for EU4Digital Academy’s Ukraine eCommerce course!

Citizens and SMEs in Ukraine are invited to register for the first available course in the new EU4Digital Academy digital learning programme: ‘eCommerce in EU Marketplaces’. Want to learn about eCommerce or sell products online into EU countries? Then sign up and start!

EU4Digital launches innovation cluster activities: assessment opportunity!

EU4Digital Facility has launched a new framework for activities to support EaP innovation clusters - coalitions of organisations that share knowledge, support collaboration and stimulate innovation. These activities began with a 2.5-hour cluster management training on 18 April. The opportunity to take part in an online assessment, to help prepare EaP clusters for European quality recognition, is open until 23 May 2024.
More about the new framework
More about the assessment


EU initiative mentoring Georgian women follows EU4Digital guidance

The EU launched a ‘Women Mentorship in Tech Programmes’ project in Georgia in March. This €2 million initiative builds on work and guidance from the EU-funded EU4Digital Facility and is an important step towards strengthening Georgia’s human resources and women’s involvement in the digital field.

New EU best practice report: 5G private networks development

EU4Digital Facility has published an ‘EU best practice report on the development of 5G private networks’. The development of 5G private networks significantly enhances connectivity, industry innovations, security and overall communications efficiency, leading to improvements of different industries and businesses. The new report covers business use-cases and shares EU Member States’s experiences in the allocation of frequencies.

New recommendations on Digital Economy and Society Index

A new report, ‘EU4Digital Recommendations on implementing DESI indicators in the Eastern Partner countries’, was published in February as part of EU4Digital Digital Skills activities. Aimed at representatives of data collection institutions, the report serves as a strategic blueprint for Eastern partner countries to take up the Digital Economy and Society Index, which tracks digital progress in EU Member States.

EU4Digital workshop helps align Moldova - EU roaming regulations

Upcoming changes to the Republic of Moldova’s roaming regulations were the topic of a workshop between EU4Digital Facility’s Telecom Rules experts and representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalisation, the national regulatory agency ANCRETI, and local telecommunications service providers. The event supports further progress in harmonising Moldova’s electronic communications legislative framework with EU standards and body of law.
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