Belarus President approves information security concept

  • Date: 18/03/19
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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed the country’s Security Council’s resolution ‘On the concept of information security of the Republic of Belarus’.

The concept takes into account proposals made during a Security Council meeting to consider the draft concept on 12 March. 

In particular, measures have been taken to strengthen the provisions on the training of specialists in information security, the use of global rankings for the assessment of the current conditions, and the protection of commercial, professional and banking secrecy. It specifies that absolutely all public administration bodies and organisations should be able to respond to risks and challenges in the information sphere within the area of their responsibilities as fully and promptly as possible.

The document provides for a comprehensive approach to information security, creates a methodological basis for strengthening it, serves as a foundation for developing state policy, working out measures to improve the system of information security, constructive interaction, consolidation of efforts and higher efficiency of the work to protect national interests in the information sphere, and promotes Belarus’ comprehensive integration in the system of ensuring international information security on the basis of national priorities.

As part of its EU4Digital initiative, the European Union supports the development of trust services in the digital economy, and cyber-security for improved resilience of critical infrastructure, as essential building blocks for interoperable cross-border eServices in the Eastern Partnership region.

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Resolution ‘On the concept of information security of the Republic of Belarus