Bridging the digital skills gap: EU4Digital campaign puts eSkills in the spotlight

  • Date: 15/07/21
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Digital transformation is rapidly changing the economic landscape, a trend exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has streamlined the digital transformation of many organisations, SMEs and even public authorities. At the same time, the pandemic has also highlighted those areas of the digital economy and society that need to be improved, and in particular the importance of adequate digital skills. 

As countries seek to emerge from the pandemic, and accelerate their digital transformation, EU4Digital has carried out a campaign highlighting the importance of digital skills, and how the EU is supporting partner countries in developing eSkills to match the growing economic and social demand.

The campaign, which was promoted in local press and through social media, was built around a series of stories developed in cooperation with local media partners. 

You can read the stories here:

The campaign was backed on social media, with a series of infographic videos highlighting the importance of eSkills, and showcasing successful beneficiaries in the sector.

The campaign also promoted the work of the EU4Digital eSkills stream with a factsheet outlining activities in key areas, and a set of e-cards answering practical questions about the issue.