Building digital resilience: How new technologies can support rebuilding Ukraine and strengthen digital transformation in Eastern Neighbouring countries

    • Date: 17/10/22 to 17/10/22
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    Hybrid event: High-level perspectives and debate on European policy for digital transition and development in the Eastern Neighbourhood.

    Digital technologies are a key pillar of development strategies and will play an essential role in future years, both for what concerns reconstruction in Ukraine, and in strengthening infrastructure, growth and democratic values in the whole Eastern Neighbourhood. There is growing agreement on the need to couple investment in infrastructure with the development of a robust services layer, solid foundations for digital government and a proactive approach to skills. All this in a context in which technology dependency on single sources of supply appears increasingly at odds with the goal to promote resilience and technological sovereignty.

    What role will Europe play in this crucial transition? Will the EU coordinate with Member States and multilateral development banks to build a cohesive approach? And what should be the key elements of that approach?

    In cooperation with EBRD, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and with the help of high-level invited speakers, CEPS, the Centre for European Policy Studies, will host a debate that aims to trigger convergence on specific policy recommendations, for the region but also for the global strategy of the EU, especially with respect to the Global Gateway initiative.

    This panel will be followed by the launch of Law in Transition 2022.