Chisinau introduces online health monitoring for people in self-isolation or quarantine

  • Date: 21/04/20
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The authorities in Moldova will monitor the health of people in self-isolation, quarantine or treatment at home due to coronavirus through a new online system. The initiative aims to centralise information on the health status of people during the state of emergency caused by COVID-19 infection.

The platform will allow family doctors in the capital Chisinau to have access to a single institutional centre, where all information on people in need of home monitoring will be collected and entered.

“People will independently enter daily data on the symptoms they manifest, and specialists will be able to follow in real time the evolution of patients’ health. This practice will be useful if the number of people under monitoring at home will increase, said a communiqué on the Chisinau mayor’s office website.

People who are unable to complete the data online will be contacted by family doctors.

The pilot project will be initially applied in the Buiucani sector of the capital.

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