Cyber security specialists gather in Chisinau for Moldova Cyber Week 2019

  • Date: 20/11/19
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The event brought together participants from the US, Switzerland, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania and other states, as well as several senior Moldovan government officials.

Prime Minister Ion Chicu addressed the opening of the event: “One country does not have the resources and tools necessary to ensure cyber security. That is why, the most important thing is to make a solid commitment to research and investment in the cyber domain. This would mean that governments, law enforcement, industries, NGOs, research institutions, share their knowledge, experiences and help one another, so as to reduce security risks.”

Foreign Minister Aureliu Ciocoi underlined the importance of cooperation with Moldova’s European partners: “Cyber ​​security also involves diplomacy when it comes to responding to digital threats. Moldova, having signed the Association Agreement with the EU, carefully follows the actions of its European partners in this regard and tries to implement good practices. The trend at regional level in this area is to strengthen the legislation and legal norms, capacities, partnerships, and we want Moldova to be part of this process.”

Viorel Bostan, rector of the Technical University of Moldova said cyber ​​security was one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. “Thus, the demand for qualified specialists in this field is constantly increasing. This is why the Technical University of Moldova is making major efforts to contribute to increasing expertise, creating successful partnerships with those in the private field, training and enhancing the professional skills of the specialists.”

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