CyberEast: pilot judicial training in Ukraine

  • Date: 09/12/19
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As part of CyberEast, a joint project of the European Union and the Council of Europe, a group of around 30 judges from across Ukraine, together with National School of Justice staff and trainers, last month received training through an introductory course on Cybercrime, Electronic Evidence and Online Crime Proceeds.

The pilot course, aiming to demonstrate and adapt Council of Europe training materials on cybercrime and electronic evidence, was a response to a long-standing request for such training from the Ukraine project country team. The course attracted great interest from applying judges and was well-received by the participants.

The event was held at the premises of and in close cooperation with the National Judicial School of Judges of Ukraine, leading to mutual commitment between the National School and the Council of Europe to continue with similar training sessions in 2020. Further training and work in a joint working group will eventually lead to development of judicial training tools and materials, which will be employed by the National School to integrate the training on cybercrime and electronic evidence into their standard curriculum.

The CyberEast project aims at adopting legislative and policy frameworks compliant to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and related instruments, reinforcing the capacities of judicial and law enforcement authorities and interagency cooperation, and increasing efficient international cooperation and trust on criminal justice, cybercrime and electronic evidence, including between service providers and law enforcement.

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