Digital Skills Network approves guidelines for Competence Framework for SMEs and microbusinesses

  • Date: 08/12/20
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The Digital Skills Network has approved the guidelines on using the Competence Framework for SMEs and microbusinesses in the Eastern partner countries, at an online event organised by the EU4Digital Facility on 1 December.

The aim of the event was to validate the final version of the guidelines and to define the next steps to be undertaken by the EU4Digital Facility and Eastern partner countries, including future training events. 

The meeting examined possible synergies between the source European frameworks, recommendations for their integrated application, specific recommendations on the development of Job Role Profiles and the terminology used in e-CF, DigComp, and ESCO. 

During the discussion of the guidelines, the development of relevant internal documents, strategies and frameworks were clarified, and key definitions were finalised. After an in-depth discussion, the guidelines were validated by the Digital Skills Network.

Defined training needs priorities were also discussed during the event, as well as the format in which the following trainings, study visits and conferences will be carried out:

  • National training events on establishment and management of national coalitions for digital skills and jobs;
  • Regional training event on benefits of European e-Competence and Digital Competence frameworks;
  • Regional training event on EU practices and methodology for measuring digital skills;
  • Regional training event on the application of the Competence Framework for SMEs and microbusinesses;
  • Regional training event on EU Best practices for upskilling and reskilling workforce in Digital skills in specific non-ICT sectors;
  • At least one of the two planned study visits to Ireland and Basque country will be carried out as an online event due to COVID-19 related restrictions;
  • Conference “Digital skills for Industry 4.0” will be carried out during 2021.

The EU4Digital Facility supports the development of a Digital Competence Framework for SMEs and microbusinesses in the Eastern Partner countries, as well as the organisation of trainings, conferences and study visits to EU Member States for policy makers and training providers to disseminate EU practices.