Digital Skills Network meets online to discuss measurement of skills gaps in Eastern partner countries

  • Date: 26/06/20
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The EU4Digital Digital Skills Network met virtually on 25 June 2020 to discuss results related to the development of a Methodology for the Measurement and Forecasting of Digital Skills Gaps and Competence Framework for SMEs and microbusinesses, supported by the EU4Digital Facility. 

The Network also discussed upcoming trainings and conferences on topics such as digital skills for Industry 4.0, women’s mentorship programmes and establishment and management of National Coalitions for digital skills and jobs. The objective of the meeting was to align results of previous activities and agree upon next steps for events planned during the Summer and early autumn of 2020.

This was the second virtual Network webinar this year. The first webinar took place on 29 April, where participants defined priorities for events (trainings, conferences, study visits), a digital skills promotion campaign and development of the Digital Skills Competence Framework for SMEs and microbusinesses supported by the EU4Digital Facility.

The EU4Digital Digital Skills Network serves as platform for sharing best practices and experiences among the six Eastern partner countries and with the EU, promoting synergies and developing ideas for joint harmonisation projects. The EU4Digital Programme supports the Network through several activities, including theorganisation of trainings, conferences and study visits to EU Member States for policy makers and training providers, the development of a Digital Competence Framework for SMEs and Microbusinesses and a Measurement and Forecasting of Digital Skills Gaps.


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