Digital technology is about to transform your life…

  • Date: 01/11/21
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If you live in one of the six countries of the Eastern Partnership – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova or Ukraine – digital technologies are about to transform your life, with the help of the European Union’s EU4Digital initiative.

For the past three years, the EU4Digital Facility has been working to identify, design, and implement a series of activities and pilot projects that will have a tangible impact on business and society across the region. 

A new video from EU4Digital gives you a sneak peek into what will soon become a reality in the region, highlighting six key impacts in the areas of cheaper roaming costs, digital invoicing to unlock the potential of eTrade, electronic signatures for businesses and citizens, new jobs through funding of ICT businesses, improved digital skills for the jobs of tomorrow, and eHealth solutions for better health care.

Some of these tangible impacts will be the focus of an upcoming EU4Digital campaign, highlighting the tangible results achieved by EU4Digital in the areas of eCommerce, eDelivery, and Trust and Security.