DigitALL Public conference

  • Date: 20/04/21 to 22/04/21
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The three-day online DigitALL Public conference on 20-22 April is the closing event of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Digital and the Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens (ISA²) programmes. 

Together with the Member States, these programmes have helped build cross-border public services for citizens, provided free interoperable solutions to companies and connected various organisations in different sectors. The DigitALL Public conference will celebrate the next step in this journey while looking ahead towards Europe’s digital future.

This online conference will include inspiring speakers from European and international Institutions, Member States and industry. It will examine the successes in the digital transformation of public services across the EU and celebrate the beginning of the new Digital Europe Programme.

During this three-day event you will have the unique opportunity to hear and engage in discussions on Innovation and GovTech, Interoperability, Open Source, Smart Cities, Trust and Security, among others. You will learn about policy priorities, lessons learned and other inspiring topics, reflect on ways to implement digital solutions and understand how we can all better work together towards Europe’s digital future.

Topics include:

  • Digital supporting Europe’s recovery from the pandemic
  • eInvoicing for everyone – DIVE into the new DEP and discover our Success Stories with CEF!
  • Competencies for the digital transformation of the public sector
  • The importance of promoting digital skills in the public sector
  • A future for eIDAS ?
  • European Digital Innovation Hubs – What’s in it for Member States?

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