Do you enjoy programming? Try your powers at Game of Codes

  • Date: 23/12/19
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Young programming enthusiasts are invited to participate in the ‘Game of Codes’ (GOC), a programming contest organised by Tekwill Academy Kids in Chisinau on 24 December. The competition is aimed at teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18, whether they are beginners or already have advanced knowledge in the field.

The participants with the best results will receive awards. All interested are invited to register for participation here.

The competition will consist in solving seven to eight problems, and the results will be evaluated by a smart online system. Each submission will be evaluated according to the results obtained and the correctness of the code. In order to provide opportunities to as many young programming enthusiasts as possible, each ‘Game of Codes’ participant will be registered in one of the categories, according to age and level of knowledge.

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