A common competence framework – this sounds very abstract… what exactly does it mean, how is EU4Digital helping, and what difference will it make?

  • Date: 06/04/20
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Digital competences play an increasing role in all industries and sectors, as the lines between ICT and non-ICT roles increasingly get blurred. Professionals in SMEs and microbusinesses often perform multiple job roles and/or inter-sectoral (hybrid) job roles, including ones requiring varying levels of digital competence.

The Competence Framework supports the definition of career and learning paths, job roles, learning needs and results through a shared reference framework. It will serve as a clear guidebook for any SME in the region, regardless of its size or operational field, on how to find, train and recruit employees with the necessary digital skills. Furthermore, the Competence Framework establishes a common language for digital skills and competencies for its target audience, by explaining complex IT terminology in “business language”.

The Competence Framework:

  • Supports the development of SME and microbusiness employee digital skills;
  • Supports the improvement of Eastern partner countries’ SME and microbusiness competitiveness, export potential and innovation;
  • Encourages SME and microbusiness participation in the development of the digital market.