Between which countries is EU4Digital piloting eSignatures? What will this actually involve?

  • Date: 22/04/20
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EU4Digital’s pilots in digital trust services aim to prove that in a modern 21st century society there are processes, tools and technologies that can enable two countries to recognise each other’s digital trust services, thus enabling and growing the digital economy between them.

Two pilots will be implemented to demonstrate that compatible and compliant digital signatures can be issued and validated, one involving two Eastern partner countries, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, and one between an Eastern partner and an EU member state, Ukraine and Estonia. The eSignature pilot will help us to identify the existing gaps and obstacles from the regulatory, organisational and technical perspectives, allowing us to outline an action plan for post-pilot activities required to achieve the required level of cross-border mutual recognition. The pilots are scheduled to be implemented during April-September 2020.