Looking ahead, how do you see the evolution of digital skills in the Eastern partner countries in five years’ time? How will EU4Digital have helped?

  • Date: 06/04/20
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Digital skills are a key catalyst for the success of any digital transformation by enabling citizens to be active in the digital society. The need for such skills is crucial to maintain the growth of the economy and human capital in any country.

Eastern partner countries will be able to further fulfil their economic potential, enabling interconnection between the supply and demand side of digital skills in the labour market, which is a crucial building block for further economic development. Furthermore, Eastern partner countries will be able to incorporate more accurate digital skills related data in their national strategies supporting evidence-based policy planning.

Over the coming years, the activities performed under EU4Digital aim to support the following:

  • Effective governance of digital skills in each Eastern partner country to coordinate, monitor and prioritise activities, allowing comparison between Eastern partner countries and the EU, as well as comparison and joint digital skills development activities among individual Eastern partner countries.
  • Evidence-based targeting of activities towards identified problem areas that will be enabled by gathering data in a common way and in line with EU practices. Digital Skills and Jobs Coalitions are expected to participate in coordinating remedies for identified digital skills problem areas.
  • Measurement of the impact of digital skills activities and strategic targets that will support policy making tailored to the specific needs of different ICT and labour market related issues.