What exactly is ‘Trust and Security’ in the digital field? Is it just about cybersecurity?

  • Date: 22/04/20
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Trust represents the primary concept that allows our society to function. This concept can be transferred into the digital world and enable us to build trust with others. Cybersecurity is very important in this context, but having the tools and technologies which actually enable us to build this trust is as important as being able to use those tools in a secure way.

Digital trust services and digital identity services help modern societies and enterprises to speed up social and business interactions and build trust across geographies, while helping individuals and companies to deliver value with lower operational costs and be truly digital.

Digital signing and electronic identity services are two of the major products that speed up digital interactions between participants, for example in public services, the payment of taxes or the signing of legal contracts.

As a part of the EU4Digital project, digital trust and cybersecurity play an important support role, and they enable all other aspects of the digital economy and society to deliver value in a secure way.