What is the networking activity all about? How does it contribute to eTrade?

  • Date: 24/04/20
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Networking is about building connections and sharing information about trends and actions in eTrade. EU4Digital has many activities and pilot projects in eTrade that require cross-country collaboration. The sharing of information is therefore vital to raise awareness of eTrade issues, stimulate the implementation of reforms and align activities among international stakeholders. 

International networking activities include study visits to observe, examine and discuss piloted solutions, study visits to examine existing solutions and best practices outside Eastern partner countries, and events to exchange contacts and share information about trends in eTrade. These events target policy makers, investors, digital vendors, service providers, R&D centres, academia, banks, insurances, public administration, agencies and other eTrade stakeholders. Events recently promoted by the Networking activity include Digital transport days (DTD), SEED site visit, virtual eDelivery site visit to Europe, and others.