What might eHealth systems in the region look like in five years? How will EU4Digital have helped?

  • Date: 22/04/20
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The health care of the future can be imagined as seamless patient mobility from provider to provider, country to country, as well as health care provision continuity and informed decision making for better health outcomes. Cross-border eHealth infrastructure will allow any citizen travelling abroad to receive prescribed medication from a local pharmacy. The sharing of patient summaries will help doctors to understand patients’ medical history and avoid mistakes when prescribing medicine. In addition, a growing medical tourism industry will offer citizens a chance to receive a higher quality of care and reduce costs. 

The EU4Digital eHealth team is aiming to develop standards and guidelines to support cross-border health care in the Eastern partner countries, which is only possible when common understanding and cooperation is reached. To make this happen, the team has conducted an analysis of the current state of play of eHealth in the Eastern partner countries, and identified each country’s challenges and priorities. The set of guidelines will serve as a basis for establishing cross-border ePrescription and Patient Summary services in the region. 

We have identified four directions for the region, which are recommended as key enablers for further action and positive change in eHealth in the future:

  1. Defining a Comprehensive and Actionable Digital Health strategy.
  2. Establishing a robust Financing and Operational model.
  3. Establishing and operationalising Digital Health governance.
  4. Digital Health Architecture Development and Governance.