You mentioned integration with European networks: it sounds good but what does it really mean for innovative businesses in the Eastern partner countries?

  • Date: 24/04/20
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The EU has created a number of online networks and platforms for ICT innovation ecosystem players, like start-ups, accelerators, venture capitalists, etc. They allow to connect businesses and organisations in different EU member states to exchange contacts, ideas and participate in shared initiatives and events.

The extension of these online networks and platforms to the Eastern partner countries will allow the relevant stakeholders from the six countries to integrate into the larger EU ICT innovation and start-up ecosystem. Businesses and organisations from the Eastern Neighborhood countries will be able more easily to find relevant counterparts in the EU, investments, services and business partners, which will boost the development of ICT innovation and start-up ecosystems in both regions. The ICT Innovation stream has established direct bridges among leading EU organisations and target stakeholders in the six Eastern partner countries in five priority ICT innovation policy areas via a series of networking events, and currently facilitates further integration and cooperation.