E-Economy and E-commerce – new programmes for the business environment in Moldova

  • Date: 24/04/20
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Moldova’s Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure is preparing a comprehensive e-economy programme for digitizing all economic processes, Minister Sergiu Railean announced on 21 April.

This programme will include measures on interaction and distance trading. Information exchanges between the public and private sectors will be digitized and electronic payments will be stimulated. A digital platform will also be launched to ensure the free exchange of labour between companies.

“We are preparing, together with ODIMM, the launch of the E-Commerce project, the first digitization programme for SMEs in the Republic of Moldova, which will cover two needs: support for companies in creating websites and online stores, through the voucher system and granting grants for the acquisition of digital technologies and solutions, said Sergiu Railean.

The projects are in the process of consultation with public institutions and development partners in order to estimate the budgetary impact and establish projections for attracting external assistance for this purpose.

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