eSkills Network Workshop in Tbilisi highlights developments in digital skills

  • Date: 29/01/20
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The 7th eSkills Network Workshop took place in Tbilisi, Georgia on 17-18 December 2019, highlighting latest developments in the field of digital skills and discussing the current baseline for the measurement of digital skills indicators in the Eastern Partner countries.

The EU4Digital Digital Skills Network serves as platform for sharing best practices and experiences among the six Eastern Partner countries and with the EU, promoting synergies and developing ideas for joint harmonisation projects.

During the workshop, participants discussed and shared experiences in the adoption of European Competence Frameworks, digital skills measurement, and the readiness of EaP countries to adapt their approaches to EU practices. 

Participants also discussed the status of Digital Skills and Jobs Coalitions and what is necessary for the successful creation, management and administration of a Coalition in each country. 

Finally, participants presented and discussed highlights, results and key initiatives in digital skills development in each of the EaP countries. 

During the event, participants agreed on several actions that concerned the establishment of national coalitions, a joint approach for the measurement of digital skills, as well as trainings, study visits and conferences to support the sharing of EU practices.

Under the EU4Digital initiative, The European Union supports the implementation of digital skills strategies in the Eastern Partnership countries, acting to develop a methodology for forecasting digital skills gaps as well as to establish national coalitions for digital jobs and a competence framework for SMEs and microbusinesses.