EU TAIEX event on digital policy now available as series of webinars

  • Date: 19/08/21
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A series of webinars on the EU’s digital policy is available to public administrations in the Eastern partner countries, as part of the European Commission’s efforts to redesign its institution building instruments, TAIEX and Twinning, to share EU expertise more effectively in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two virtual TAIEX events – on EU digital policy and the Green Deal – have been transformed into webinar series for the first time. They are now available to public administrations worldwide to promote Commission priorities – and the new digital opportunities of TAIEX. Each expert presentation has been subtitled in multiple languages.

In the first 12 months of fully virtual TAIEX, the instrument had on average 50% more attendees and was able to mobilise 58% more experts per event than in the 12 months preceding the pandemic. The events became more interesting, dynamic and impactful.

The European Commission invites you to have a look at the webinars and to share them with your partners.

Digital policy webinars

Event agenda and slides:!bD37hd


Part 1 – Fostering the digital transition:
Part 2 – European data strategy:
Part 3 – Artificial Intelligence:
Part 4 – Cybersecurity and the 5G Toolbox:
Part 5 – Digital Services Act:
Part 6 – Digital Education Action Plan:
Part 7 – Common Charger Initiative:
Part 8 – Industrial Policy:
Part 9 – Single market barriers:
Part 10 – Single Market Enforcement Action Plan:
Part 11 – Supporting SMEs:
Part 12 – Digital Finance Strategy:
Part 13 – Digital Markets Act:
Part 14 – Horizon Europe: