EU4Digital Azerbaijan national training on National Digital Skills and Jobs Coalitions

  • Date: 06/10/20 to 06/10/20
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The EU4Digital Facility will organise a virtual national training for Azerbaijan on National Digital Skills and Jobs Coalitions on 6 October 2020.

The objective of the training is to introduce national experts from Azerbaijan to in-depth principles of managing national coalitions and to discuss recommendations for the next steps after a National Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is established in Azerbaijan.

The training will cover:

  • The importance of National Coalitions in defining National Digital Skills strategies and projects;
  • National Coalition Action plans and activities regarding promotion and management; 
  • Cooperation with EU National Coalitions, existing best practices, tools and resources.

This training will be carried out as part of EU4Digital Facility digital skills thematic area activities, which include a series of trainings, conferences and study visits to support best practice sharing between the EU and Eastern partner countries on digital skills topics. The priorities for trainings were defined by the Digital Skills Network  during a Webinar held on 29 April 2020. 

The EU4Digital Digital Skills Network serves as platform for sharing best practices and experiences among the six Eastern partner countries and with the EU, promoting synergies and developing ideas for joint harmonisation projects as well as providing in-depth expert insights for the development of digital skills. The EU4Digital Facility supports Eastern partner countries through several activities, including the organisation of trainings, conferences and study visits to EU Member States for policy makers and training providers and support for the establishment of National Coalitions.