EU4Digital eHealth Network Meeting: focus on efforts in eHealth regarding common guidelines, COVID-19 and country best practices

  • Date: 03/06/20 to 03/06/20
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The EU4Digital eHealth team is organising an eHealth Network Meeting on 3 June, which aims to bring together network members from the six Eastern partner countries to share insights from activities in the area of eHealth and to facilitate information sharing about country best practices. 

In the first part of the event, the EU4Digital eHealth team will share insights and initial recommendations regarding harmonisation and interoperability of common guidelines. Additionally, the EU4Digital Trust and Security team representative will present the results of a digital trust service maturity assessment focusing on legal and technical aspects derived from the assessment performed by the Trust and Security team. 

The Network Meeting will also address the current COVID-19 crisis through topics such as harmonisation of epidemiological data in the Eastern Neighbourhood region and the EU. Eastern partner countries will also share best practices and lessons learned in addressing the crisis as a follow-up to measures discussed during previous workshops. 

The second part of the event will focus on the eHealth collaboration platform and the region’s involvement in EIP on AHA. The collaboration platform is intended as a new cooperation and information sharing space for eHealth Network stakeholders and during the meeting the next steps and information regarding the platform will be presented. Following that, recommendations regarding Eastern partner country participation in EIP on AHA initiatives as well as results from previous assessments will be presented.

Finally, participants from partner countries will present best digital eHealth practices in their countries. All the points discussed will serve to enhance both the collaboration between Eastern Partnership countries and partner country involvement in EU programmes.