EU4Digital Facility launches eDelivery pilot activity between Ukraine and Poland

  • Date: 03/07/20
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Following ongoing discussions and consultations with representatives from Ukraine and Poland, the first joint eDelivery working meeting with representatives from the public and private sector was held virtually on 2 July. The purpose of the meeting was to launch eDelivery pilot activity for cross-border data exchange between Ukraine and Poland, have a constructive discussion with the key stakeholders and focus on the practical side of eDelivery pilot implementation.

During the meeting, the EU4Digital eTrade team introduced the eDelivery solution, governance structure, pilot concept and infrastructure, timeline of pilot implementation, key milestones, and discussed with the participating parties – the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, potential Access Point owner in Ukraine, participating companies, observers, Access Point Service provider from Poland – the next steps and their role implementing the pilot. 

Among the insights shared, the goals and benefits of eDelivery were emphasised, in particular:

  • Interoperability – implementing common technical specifications that enable diverse organisations to exchange data and documents;
  • Security – promoting an atmosphere of trust among all participants in the message exchange network;
  • Scalability & Performance – enabling the number of participants in the data exchange network to grow as well as the number of exchanged messages;
  • Legal Assurance & Accountability – promoting a high level of transparency and confidence among all participants in the message exchange network.

Additionally, technical experts from the EU4Digital team demonstrated practical examples of the use of eDelivery and its demo presentation. After that, the most advanced countries in terms of eInvoicing – Norway and Denmark – and their approaches to Peppol eDelivery were presented. It has been noted that EU practices ensuring the legal validity of electronic invoice are similar in most of the EU Member states. Currently, the EU4Digital eTrade team is preparing a legal analysis that will become a basis and provide the input for localisation of the analysis and show the best practices that exist within the EU. Even though legal recommendations are currently being developed, the EU4Digital team shared with the participants the preliminary recommendations. 

The second working meeting (conference call) with pilot countries is planned at the beginning of August. The aim of the meeting will be to discuss the progress and major achievements, confirm and align the points discussed during the thematic sessions and agree on the next steps. It is expected that the eDelivery pilot between Poland and Ukraine will test the ground to exchange electronic invoices using established EU-wide solution and standards. The pilot will also help to identify the barriers that still need to be eliminated in organisational, legal and technical areas. As a result, it is expected that the pilot could then be turned into a fully functioning solution in the future, which could also be replicated to facilitate cross-border document and data exchange between the EU and its Eastern partner countries.

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