EU4Digital Facility second phase kicks off with Eastern Partnership Digital Conference

  • Date: 20/10/22
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Promoting the digital economy and society in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) has been the focus of the EU4Digital Facility since 2019. Continuing this focus, but refreshing its objectives in line with the 2021 EaP policy agenda, the second phase of the EU4Digital Facility has officially begun. The EU4Digital Facility aims to extend the benefits of the Digital Single Market to the Eastern partner countries and is the central programme of the EU4Digital Initiative, the EU’s flagship regional programme to support digital transformation in Eastern partner countries.

To mark the re-launch of the EU4Digital Facility, the EU4Digital Initiative is organising two online events: the Eastern Partnership Digital Conference on 24 October, and the EU4Digital Phase II Kick-off and Steering Committee meeting on 25 October 2022.

Developing a stronger digital economy and society will generate more jobs and economic growth, helping businesses and improving the lives of citizens in the Eastern partner countries. Policy updates for the Eastern Partnership, which were confirmed in December 2021, renewed the EU and Eastern partner countries’ commitment to resilient digital transformation. The EU4Digital Initiative supports this objective and the harmonisation of digital markets through its activities in digital infrastructure, eGovernance, digital economy and innovation, and cyber security and resilience. EU4Digital Initiative activities are conducted in close cooperation with six EU4Digital networks

The EU4Digital Facility Phase II (2022-2025) will build on the achievements and foundations of the first phase. The EU4Digital Facility Phase I (2019-2022) focused on enabling a stronger economy and stronger governance in the Eastern partner countries through digital transformation by developing recommendations and frameworks, facilitating agreements and policy notes and the piloting of key digital solutions, such as digital signature, eInvoice, eCustoms and eCommerce. 

Over the next three years, the EU4Digital Facility Phase II will continue to focus on six main policy areas: Telecom Rules, eTrust and Cross-Border Digital Services, eTrade, ICT Innovation and Start-up Ecosystems, eHealth, and Digital Skills. These are structured according to the Eastern Partnership (EaP) policy pillars of Digital Infrastructure, eGovernance, Cyber Resilience, and Digital Economy and Innovation.

The Eastern Partnership Digital Conference is an annual milestone event to review the Eastern Partnership digital policy agenda and upcoming priorities. Key topics relating to digital transformation in the Eastern Partnership will be explored through discussions with representatives of the partner countries and the EU. The conference will also touch upon the latest developments and challenges for the Eastern Partnership and the role of digital to tackle those challenges and support the path towards resilient and sustainable government, economy and society. This online event welcomes all participants who wish to register for the conference.

Key highlights from the digital conference and the kick-off meeting (which is for invited participants only) will be published in a special edition of the EU4Digital newsletter. To receive such updates by email, please subscribe to the newsletter.