EU4Digital holds workshop on development of Digital Competence Framework for SMEs and microbusinesses

  • Date: 02/10/20
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The EU4Digital Facility organised a regional workshop on 25 September on the development of a Competence Framework for SMEs and microbusinesses. The aim of the virtual workshop was to obtain inputs from Eastern partner representatives on the alignment of four specific job role profiles to the actual needs of SMEs and microbusinesses in their countries, and to discuss the next steps for the development and alignment of a common digital competence framework. 

The workshop consisted of three main phases – introduction of the Competence Framework and Job Role Profiles, group discussions on Job Role Profiles for clarification and alignment with local experts, and group work for a mock application of Job Role Profiles in staff hiring situations.

During the introduction of the Digital Competence Framework, its key components and potential applications were presented, together with the definition and tasks of the Job Role Model, and detailed steps for its application.

The four Job Role Profiles developed are: 

  • Digital Transformation Role;
  • Data Specialist Role; 
  • Information Security Specialist Role; 
  • Digital Educator Role.

During the discussion, participants explored the Job Role Profiles in detail, outlining their compatibility with local business environments – i.e. whether any tasks, competences, related occupations, deliverables and responsibilities should be added, rephrased or omitted. 

Participants were then introduced to a detailed set of guidelines for applying the Competence Framework in real life and encouraged to use the tools for profiling, recruitment and defining job requirements, for the definition of learning outcomes and for planning competence development paths, and to develop specific recommendations on the development of Job Role Profiles aligned with local circumstances.

Group work was a mock HR process, in which participants were asked to roleplay HR specialists in an SME of their choosing. They were tasked with compiling a job advertisement using the Job Role Profile model. They then had to identify the most critical elements of the profile for the SME of their choice, and determine any shortcomings or needs for adaptation of the profile. 

The EU4Digital Facility supports the development of a Digital Competence Framework for SMEs and microbusinesses in the Eastern Partner countries, as well as the organisation of trainings, conferences and study visits to EU Member States for policy makers and training providers to disseminate EU practices.