EU4Digital publishes assessment of Trust and eID services in Eastern partner countries

  • Date: 16/12/20
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The EU4Digital Facility has recently published a ‘Legal and technical maturity assessment of Trust and eID services in Eastern Partner countries’, which identifies the compatibility of the regulatory framework of Eastern partner countries’ Digital Trust and electronic identification services (eID) with EU member states. Additionally, the assessment explores the maturity of the Digital trust and eID services from the regulatory, organisational and technical perspectives, in order to identify the measures that need to be adopted to enable cross-border mutual recognition of trust and electronic eID services between the EU and the Eastern partner countries.

The assessment showed that Eastern partner countries are currently offering most of the digital trust and electronic identification (eID) services using technologies compatible with those deployed by EU member states. The main differences between how digital trust and eID services are delivered by each of the six partner countries is determined by the regulatory frameworks implemented in each country. From the technical maturity perspective, three main aspects were analysed: the types of trust services offered, the technical compatibility of the encryption schemes and algorithms, and the maturity of the processes supporting the trust services. Recommendations on the measures that should be adopted revolve around technical security controls with the aim to improve resilience against cyber-attacks targeting infrastructures which support the delivery of digital trust services.

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