EU4Digital virtual eDelivery study visit

  • Date: 09/10/20 to 09/10/20
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The EU4Digital Facility will hold a virtual eDelivery study visit on 9 October, back-to-back with the annual Steering Committee Meeting. It will be held remotely in the form of a virtual session.

One of EU4Digital’s activities in support of eTrade is the piloting of exchange of invoice data via the eDelivery channel. To present the solution to a wider audience and to demonstrate its practical features, the virtual eDelivery study visit was organised to take place on the 9 October (1:00 – 4.40 pm, CET). 

eDelivery supports the exchange of electronic data and documents between public administrations, businesses and citizens, in an interoperable, secure, reliable and trusted way.

The goal of the virtual visit is to get acquainted with eDelivery – understand its goals, value and benefits, and also get a better understanding of how it works in practice.

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to virtually visit and learn best practices from countries and organisations all over Europe:

  1. European Commission (DG DIGIT), where the building block of eDelivery is being maintained
  2. e-CODEX project, which promotes and manages the use of eDelivery in the justice area
  3. OpenPeppol association, which promotes the usage of electronic data in procurement processes. OpenPeppol already hosts the first Access Point in Ukraine as its member, which is also the very first eDelivery Access Point among Eastern partner countries.
  4. The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ) is the Peppol Authority and manages the digitisation of the eProcurement service domain on a national level. Norway has one of the strongest practices of using eDelivery on national level. 

Moreover, the participants will have a chance to share their practices and insights, ask to questions and discuss with all those attending the event. 

The virtual eDelivery study visit is an event dedicated to the representatives of the Eastern partner countries working in cross-border eTrade area, observers and participants in the eDelivery pilot and other interested parties from the EU and Eastern partner countries.

The detailed agenda can be found here

Networking events in the scope of eTrade

Within EU4Digital’s eTrade thematic area, networking events related to sharing information on existing solutions are planned. These events are aimed at observing and examining existing solutions and best practices outside Eastern partner countries and evaluating the possibility to replicate them in the region.