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Georgia introduces mandatory electronic signatures for online public transactions

  • Date: 01/01/19
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From 1 January, 2019, it is mandatory for companies conducting business with administrative bodies of Georgia using electronic communication to sign documents using an eligible electronic signature or electronic stamp.

Using a qualified electronic stamp and a qualified electronic signature will ensure high standards of document protection. In particular, the use of these on electronic document increases reliability and security. In addition, customers are able to save time, avoidtravel, and approve documentsor contractsfrom anywhere in the world.

Soso Giorgadze, Chairman of the PublicService Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice,held an informational meeting with representatives of the media on the topic of qualified trusted services. He spoke about the importance of using an electronic stamp and an electronic signature on an electronic document. Soso Giorgadze emphasized that using them increases the degree of security of documents. He announced an information campaign launched by the agency to inform the public about the news and presented an informational video.