Germany interested in investing in Belarusian start-ups

  • Date: 01/03/20
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On February 5, a German parliamentary delegation visited the Belarus Hi-Tech Park in Minsk. The delegation was led by Mark Hauptmann, member of the Bundestag Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy, and head of the German-Belarusian friendship group.

The German delegation was particularly interested in technology start-ups at the Park, saying German investors would be interested in applications, fintech, and IT products using artificial intelligence in the field of medicine developed by Belarusian companies.

Kirill Zalessky from the Hi-Tech Park noted: “German investments in IT and high-tech in Belarus are not just about finances. This is the experience and expertise of German partners, this is a huge European Union market, these represent prospects for the rapid growth of Belarusian companies.”

An agreement was reached on holding joint events in Minsk in the spring of 2020. Mr. Hauptmann announced plans to bring a group of German investors and entrepreneurs to Belarus. “They want to be involved in the Belarusian IT sector, to see the potential that exists here. Perhaps we can find business solutions for Belarusian start-ups in Germany or in the European market as a whole,” said the German parliamentarian.

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