Good practices and international collaboration, especially active and healthy ageing

  • Date: 22/09/21 to 22/09/21
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The EU4Digital eHealth team will host a virtual eHealth event on 22 September, which aims to bring together eHealth Network members from the 6 Eastern partner countries and partners from Innovation Networks for Active and Healthy Ageing (IN-4-AHA). The initiative continues to promote the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) community as well as innovative practices from EIP on AHA. 

During the event, the participants will receive highlights on major achievements in eHealth network collaboration. Guest speakers will present the new community of IN-4-AHA and innovative practices from Italy and Scotland.

At the start of the event, the EU4Digital eHealth team will share the outline of upcoming eHealth activities to align the next steps with the eHealth Network. This discussion will be followed by the eHealth team introducing the overview of the EaP country achievements during the EU4Digital eHealth team activity regarding involvement in EU initiatives (esp. EIP on AHA), and a guest speaker will give the introduction of the IN-4-AHA that currently promotes active and healthy ageing through international collaboration, and continues the EIP on AHA community management.

A guest expert from Italy will give an introduction into the innovative practice of telemedicine for real life integrated care in chronic patients, and experts from Scotland will introduce the Attend Anywhere practice that uses video conference functionality to help provide healthcare consultations.

The event is to be held online and aims to bring together eHealth stakeholders and facilitate knowledge sharing based on interests identified during previous period of eHealth Network collaboration