Hack the Virus (Online) – hackathon against COVID-19 in Moldova

  • Date: 20/03/20
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The Tekwill project and the C19.MD initiative in Moldova are today launching a two-day online hackathon against the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative aims to identify solutions for informing, preventing and improving the critical situation caused by COVID-19, using the technologies available today.

The Moldovan IT community, eager to find solutions, has jointly created Initiative C19.MD – a platform aimed at combating the COVID-19 virus – and this platform will help you stay current with the state of the art and new solutions found and developed by the IT community.

The project will follow the progress of the situation and detect problems that can be solved with Open Source IT solutions and initiatives organised by volunteers.

Main stages:

1. Initiation of the project – training the volunteer team with the support of the initiative.

2. Situation research – the research process will be continuous throughout the project.

3. Focus training – choosing problems and solutions.

4. Organising hackathon – there will be several editions.

5. Forming solutions and teams.

6. Mentoring, supporting and promoting projects.

7. Testing and launching projects.

8. Feedback and impact statistics

The hackathon will be organised online form 20-22 March, and all activities within the project are organised online. The whole discussion goes on the slack platform, channel #c19md. The participants will work intensively on developing solutions, guided by mentors and experts in the field. The solutions developed will be presented on Sunday evening online.

Do you have an idea? Register here: https://c19.md/


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