ICT Innovation networking event

  • Date: 11/11/19 to 13/11/19
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The EU4Digital Facility will host the 1st ICT Innovation networking event for EaP startups and scaleups, business associations, ICT infrastructure organisations and policy-makers related to blockchain, at Convergence – The Global Blockchain Congress 2019 on 11-13 November in Malaga, Spain.

The main Global Blockchain Congress will also host a panel discussion focussed on the EaP region – Digital innovations, blockchain and scale-ups in emerging markets.

The objective of this session is to share experiences of the role that digital innovations and technologies are playing in promoting economic growth and social development in emerging markets. The session will particularly focus on the Eastern Partnership countries in the context of the EU4Digital Facility and explore topics related to innovation policies, digital innovation ecosystems and the process of scaling up deep tech startups and SMEs in emerging market economies.

Purpose of the event:

  1. Understand the  challenges for digital innovations / different types of stakeholders to get integrated in the global blockchain community
  2. Facilitate the establishment of an EaP community on blockchain (EaP Blockchain Taskforce).
  3. Facilitate the deeper knowledge of the global blockchain agenda by EaP stakeholders.
  4. Facilitate the meeting of EaP participants with the Global Blockchain Congress participants.
  5. Present the EaP Blockchain Startups / Scaleups to the global blockchain community.
  6. Pilot the schemes / modes of networking in the context of the EU4Digital Facility.

Expected outcomes:

  1. EaP stakeholders will network with Global Blockchain Congress participants.
  2. Established EaP Blockchain Taskforce which will serve as a single contact point for the European Commission on blockchain Issues in EaP region.

For possibilities of involvement and more information about the event please contact Konstantinas Peciulis (Konstantinas.Peciulis@lt.ey.com).