Laptops for Ukraine initiative collecting digital devices for Ukrainian schools, hospitals and public services

  • Date: 15/12/22
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Digital devices are urgently needed to support Ukraine’s education, health and public administration sectors. The role of digital in the country’s short-term resilience and longer-term recovery is highlighted by the call for laptops, smartphones and tablets to be collected and delivered through a new initiative, Laptops for Ukraine. Donations of any size are welcome. 

The European Commission, the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation and DIGITALEUROPE – a European organisation that represents the digital technology industry – are organising the initiative together. ‘Laptops for Ukraine’ is a response to a pressing need for digital devices, as identified by the Ukrainian authorities. 

The initiative will help meet the fundamental needs of about 70,000 teachers to be able to continue teaching, with 5,000 schools requiring digital devices to ensure that 200,000 schoolchildren can continue learning. Many more devices are needed in other sectors, in particular, for nurses, doctors and public administrations in regions of Ukraine that are most affected by the current conflict.

Companies can make larger donations through the EU civil protection mechanism. To make smaller donations, organisations, companies and citizens based in Belgium can contact DIGITALEUROPE. Donations can include new or used functioning laptops, smartphones or tablets. The organisers are looking to expand the initiative to include other collection hubs across Europe.

The Commission is working with industry partners to receive donations as part of the new initiative, as well as to collect and deliver other tech equipment as part of EUTech4Ukraine. The Commission will also facilitate the collection of equipment within the EU institutions. (For more information: Johannes Bahrke – Tel.: +32 229 58615; Marietta Grammenou – Tel.: +32 229 83583) 

Background information

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