The Cybersecurity guidelines for the Eastern Partner countries have been developed by EU4Digital experts, as a part of the Cybersecurity activity within the project’s Trust and Security thematic area, supporting partner countries in strengthening their cybersecurity and improving critical information infrastructure resilience, which is necessary not only to develop e-governance but also for commercial and cultural content and services flow across borders.

The assessment describes the situation of implementation of cybersecurity policies and measures in the Eastern Partner countries, provides an overview of current gaps and weaknesses in regulations, policies and security measures in the six Eastern Partner countries, and aims to determine the level of maturity of individual cybersecurity solutions in each country.

The Cybersecurity guidelines for the Eastern Partner countries contains the list of gaps and weaknesses in each partner country, together with a list of the main obstacles and barriers in the implementation of cybersecurity initiatives. Additionally, the document provides recommendations to countries on how to continue with the development of their cybersecurity, and recommendations for effective practices in developing, implementing, evaluating, and maintaining cybersecurity measures, which will contribute to a stronger and resilient cyberspace among the partner countries and decrease the risk of disruption or failure of network information systems.