The report on the EU best practice regarding the release and reassignment of the 700 MHz band was developed by EU4Digital facility experts, as a part of Freeing 700 MHz activities within the project’s Telecom Rules thematic area.

In the report, the EU best practices regarding two key areas are defined:

  • EU approaches towards release of the 700 MHz band;
  • EU approaches towards reassignment of the 700 MHz band.

The report was prepared in order to facilitate the development of a coordinated approach towards reassignment of the 700 MHz band in the six Eastern partner countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The main objective of the report is to share experience gathered by the EU countries during the process of the 700 MHz band reassignment, and to formulate best practices related to the process, especially in:

  • approach on the DTT reassignment;
  • approach on the PMSE reassignment;
  • cross-border coordination;
  • spectrum authorisation.