This report builds on a 2017 feasibility study on ‘Harmonising International Roaming Pricing and Reducing Roaming Tariffs among the Eastern Partnership Countries’, providing for a detailed analysis, scenarios and contents of a potential regional roaming arrangement (RRA) among the Eastern partner countries.

This report is to be read jointly with the feasibility study and provides updated information on the market situation and impact assessment of the suggested regulatory intervention, provides options for addressing the preferred way forward of Eastern partner countries deriving from international commitments, and – depending on options selected – necessary changes in national frameworks, as well as reiterating the contents of the RRA already agreed within the framework of preparation of the study.

The report supports the work carried out by the EU4Digital network’s Roaming Expert Working Group (REWG).

The report was produced by the EU-funded project ‘EU4Digital: Supporting digital economy and society in the Eastern Partnership’.