The EU4Digital guide for building ICT entrepreneurial ecosystems, with the ultimate goal of boosting the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Eastern partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) by empowering their stakeholders.

The guide provides a maturity assessment of the ecosystems of the Eastern partner countries and defines the general list of recommendations applicable for any ecosystem, priotirising them on the country level.

The guide is designed for capacity builders i.e. local policymakers (government institutions), international organisations (delegations of the European Union, among others), aid agencies and international financial institutions.

The guide was prepared by central and country-level teams of experts. The experts applied a custom methodology for evaluating the maturity of the ICT entrepreneurial ecosystems, as well as access to finance, knowledge, market and resources (facilities). The maturity assessments and recommendations were developed by holding multiple rounds of interviews and consultations with stakeholders of the ICT innovation community in the Eastern partner countries, such as representatives of ministries, public agencies and business support associations, including a broader community of local ICT entrepreneurial ecosystem experts, technology development facilities, education providers, investors and other.