The study by KANTOR Management Consultants Consortium focuses on monitoring the Digital Economy and Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries and evaluates the state of affairs in these countries in terms of the availability of data necessary to calculate the index based on the guidelines and recommendations of the OECD’s “Handbook on constructing composite indicators: methodology and user guide”.

The study includes country review and gap analysis with a set of recommendations for the entire EaP region with the aim of raising the maturity of statistics governance and closer alignment with the European DESI-related monitoring framework. The study includes information on EaP country data collection processes and reporting practices as well as provides an articulated EU baseline and requirements for DESI and the EDPR data collection and reporting. Furthermore, this study uses the baseline for benchmarking to measure the gaps between data collection and reporting practices in the EaP countries and the EU.

The study shows the gap between the currently collected statistical indicators in EaP countries and DESI indicators.