Moldova adjusts e-commerce legal framework to accord with EU practices

  • Date: 27/03/23
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Innovative businesses in Moldova are expected to benefit from improvements to competition, online payment infrastructure and access to payment service providers as a result of legal changes. On 17 March 2023,  the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova voted to amend laws in order to adjust the legal framework related to e-commerce in line with EU good practices. 

Among other changes, the legislative package covers:

  • updating the regulatory framework regarding internal trade and completing it with the necessary provisions regarding e-commerce;
  • increasing consumer protection in e-commerce by establishing the place of exchange of goods;
  • introducing the obligation to apply identical discounts, regardless of the buyer’s preferred means of payment (cash or non-cash), as well as informing buyers about the accepted payment instruments/means;
  • adjusting the legal framework regarding information society services, removing barriers for non-resident providers to be able to offer their services, including electronic payments, in the Republic of Moldova. 

This legislative package is intended to facilitate the free operation of online payment services providers that are licensed in European Union Member States,  in Moldova as in the common digital space.

The amended legal framework will improve competitiveness, develop online payment infrastructure for the digital economy and open access to a wide range of international payment service providers, marketplaces and platforms, thus leading to the development of eCommerce and innovative businesses. 

Further information

See this news on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitization of the Government of the Republic of Moldova.