Moldova launches roadmap for e-Economy in response to coronavirus crisis

  • Date: 01/06/20
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Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Moldova’s Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure has developed a roadmap fordigitising the economy. 

The aim is to identify new reserves for increasing entrepreneurial activity in the country, as well as to facilitate remote interaction between the government, the business community and consumers.

The first draft of the document was presented on 28 May at an online meeting of representatives from the Ministry, Economic Council experts attached to the Prime Minister, business associations, partners and representatives of international information technology projects. It will now go to public consultation.

According to Minister Sergiu Railean, the pandemic crisis, but also the achievement of ceilings in the traditional approach to economic development, have created the premises for reinventing the tools to stimulate economic growth. 

“The digitisation of the economy is the main resource to minimise the effects of such a crisis situation, with the development of e-commerce, both domestic and international. The last months have shown that the companies trained on digital platforms and present online have most easily withstood the shock. Through digitisation we can eliminate corruption, streamline processes and become attractive to the beneficiaries of our services and products, said Sergiu Railean.

The document is to be presented to a public consultation for comments and proposals. Actions include stimulating digital interaction from Government-Business (G2B), Business-Business (B2B), and Business-Consumer (B2C), by facilitating distance interaction and promoting digital services for the business environment, and stimulating the use of e-commerce tools. For companies, it means simplifying customs procedures for online exports and stimulating postal and courier services, but also promoting and attracting national and international e-commerce platforms to the country through ongoing dialogue with development partners.

The draft roadmap of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure for boosting the process of digitisation of the national economy and development of electronic commerce can be accessed here (in Romanian).

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