Moldovan government approves changes to procedures for electronic customs clearance of goods

  • Date: 22/01/20
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The Moldovan government has approved changes to the procedures for the electronic customs clearance of goodsin a decision taken by the Cabinet on 15 January.

The changes include: 

– the extension of the electronic declaration procedure for the “re-export” customs destination,

– the regulation of the procedure of electronic customs clearance of goods in the case of international postal items (sent/received by international mail) and those sent by companies from the eastern districts of Moldova, and of transported goods consolidated in a single means of transportation, 

– the regulation of procedures in the case of transporting of successive loads with other goods placed under customs export, temporary export, outward processing and re-export.

Deputy Prime Minister Serghei Puscuta said these changes would simplify the processes for companies, and would lead to reduced customs clearance time and costs for both the state and businesses.

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