Moldovan regulator publishes statistical yearbook on development of electronic communications in 2019

  • Date: 05/05/20
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The statistical yearbook on the development of electronic communications in 2019, published last week on the official website of the National Agency for Regulation in Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI), shows that the electronic communications services market has continued the trend of the last four years with a market decline in fixed and mobile telephony sales and pay-TV services, while mobile and fixed Internet services continued to soar.

The total volume of sales in the market of electronic communications services (mobile and fixed telephony, mobile and fixed Internet, retransmission of audiovisual programmes, and other activities in the field of electronic communications) was down 4.1% on 2018, amounted to 6.17 billion lei.

The fall is due to the decrease in sales in three market segments: fixed telephony, mobile telephony and other activities in the field of electronic communications. Sales on the fixed telephony market decreased by 20.4% and totalled 443.3 million lei, and on mobile telephony fell 2% to 3.14billion lei. Sales from other activities in the field of electronic communications decreased by 23.4% and amounted to 686.9 million lei.

The sharp decrease in revenues from the sale of fixed telephony services is due to the continued migration of users from fixed telephony to mobile telephony and communication services through the Internet.

At the same time, revenues from the sale of mobile broadband Internet access services increased by 12.1% and amounted to 1.186 billion lei, while those from the sale of fixed Internet services rose by 7% to 1.36 billion lei.

The upward trend in the market for mobile broadband and fixed Internet access services is driven by the steady increase in demand for these services, the intensification of competition in these markets and the launch of increasingly attractive offers for users.

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