New technoparks opened in Georgian cities of Kaspi, Batumi and Gurjaani

  • Date: 30/11/20
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Three new technoparks have been opened in the Georgian towns of Kaspi and Gurjaani, and in Batumi, the country’s fourth largest city. The technoparks have been launched by Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, with the financial support of the World Bank, and also include provisions for vocational schools.

A technopark is a physical space where technological, educational and professional resources are gathered, and serves as a kind of platform for the development of businesses based on innovation and technology. The Technopark brings together people of different ages, directions and ideas and helps them use the infrastructure provided to create innovative, technology-based products that will be competitive in both the local and global markets.

The purpose of opening the Kaspi, Batumi and Gurjaani Technoparks is to help the local population, private sector representatives and municipalities to use hitherto hard-to-reach technologies to develop their business and gain knowledge, both in the field of innovation and technology, as well as entrepreneurship. 

The Technoparks are each equipped with laboratories for industrial innovations, known as Fablabs, with the latest equipment – high-performance 3D printer, laser cutter, programmable machine, CNC machine, card printing router, 3D scanner and more – and staffed with highly qualified specialists to assist stakeholders in modelling and prototyping.

In addition, the newly opened technoparks, the infrastructure combines training centres, conference halls, common workspaces (co-working) for start-ups and freelancers. The spaces are equipped with all the conditions that contribute to the development of the start-up.