EU4Digital Steering Committee: focus on key priorities in digital and future of the Eastern Partnership

The EU4Digital Initiative is holding its third annual Steering Committee Meeting. The event hosts a series of virtual sessions spread across the last week of September 2021, reviewing the digital policy agenda and the results achieved, as well as upcoming priorities under the EU4Digital Initiative.

During the first day of the Steering Committee Meeting, we will hold the “Digital conference for the Eastern Partnership” that will focus primarily on the role of the EU4Digital Initiative in supporting digital transformation in the Eastern Partnership region, including topics such as telecom infrastructure for the reduction of retail prices, 5G and affordable high-speed internet, strengthening of digital business through SMEs and start-up ecosystems, and eCommerce solutions to foster greater online trade between the EU and Eastern partner countries.

The morning session on the second day will be devoted to presenting the results achieved so far under the EU4Digital Initiative and to the Joint Staff Working Document - Recovery, resilience and reform: post-2020 Eastern Partnership priorities. The afternoon session will be dedicated to the launch of the spectrum digital highways interconnection between Moldova, Ukraine and European partners, which is led by the project ‘EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Education Communities’ (or EaPConnect2).

Thematic sessions will take place over the course of third, fourth and fifth days of the event. During these sessions, we will present in detail the status and plans ahead under the six EU4Digital topics: Telecom rules (including independence of national regulators, spectrum harmonisation, broadband development and work towards the harmonisation of roaming tariffs); eTrade (including eCommerce, eCustoms and eLogistics); Digital Trust and Cyber security; Digital Skills; Digital Innovation and start-up ecosystems; and eHealth.

To view the full agenda of the EU4Digital Steering Committee, please click here.

Further Information

EU4Digital aims to extend the European Union’s Digital Single Market to the Eastern Partner states, developing the potential of the digital economy and society, in order to bring economic growth, generate more jobs, improve people’s lives and help businesses. Through EU4Digital, the EU supports Eastern Partner countries on reducing roaming tariffs, developing high-speed broadband to boost economies and expand e-services, harmonising digital frameworks across society, in areas ranging from logistics to health, building cyber security, developing skills, and creating more jobs in the digital industry.

Learn more about the EU4Digital Initiative at eufordigital.eu.