System for remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients presented in Minsk

  • Date: 01/06/20
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A remote system for analysing lung sounds to monitor the condition of patients with mild symptoms of COVID-19, has been presented in Minsk, the Belta news agency has reported

A wireless digital stethoscope records noise, wheezing and other sounds and transfers them to a smartphone application via Bluetooth, from where the sounds are processed and classified in the cloud using a neural network. The doctor can remotely listen to the sounds and analyse the history for the entire observation period. If signs of pneumonia are detected, the system will notify the doctor of the worsening condition of the patient.

Now the system is being tested and finalised. Alexander Turchin, the chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, said it would be necessary to equip health care institutions with such devices. “The future is behind such developments. Belarus has a High-Tech Park, many companies and creative, smart people who can go forward in various fields, including medicine,” he said.